About Us

PBK Sports offers world-class service and nationally recognized leadership in the design of sports facilities.


    To deliver platinum-level customer service while generating unique, world-class design solutions that are inspirational, functional, sustainable and highly responsive to end-user performance.


    PBK Sports is a multi-discipline group of architects and engineers.

    PBK Sports assumes a collaborative, team-focused approach to effectively enhance athletic performance, spectator experience and maintain strict control over project budget and schedule. Our work is delivered with relentless customer service, backed by a proven track record of going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients get the best possible service on every project we touch.


    We help you make smarter, more informed decisions.

    As the market adjusts to the remnants of a historic recession, building owners are looking to make smarter, more informed decisions about the best use of their properties. Our team of planners and designers seek to maximize value for owners by facilitating a collaborative process between owners, architects, engineers and contractors, to deliver the best combination of functionality, work efficiencies, economic viability and sport-specific design solutions.


    PBK Sports is proud to be a trailblazer in modern sports architecture.

    That reputation extends to all areas of our design studio, where our team of designers possess a wealth of experience working in the very specialized field of sports facilities.

    We understand the inner workings of a facility, and can anticipate and meet the expectations of players, coaches and fans. Whatever a project’s size or budget, we strive for simple, environmentally responsible designs, elegantly executed. By elevating problem solving to an art form, we create venues that improve how athletes play, interact, heal and learn.

    At PBK Sports, we create inspiring environments that enhance both athlete performance and spectator experience. We believe that truly listening to clients and responding to their needs – instead of to our own preconceptions – leads to performance inspired design.

  • In the architecture and engineering profession

    The cornerstone of our business philosophy can be summed up in three words: unparalleled customer service. Every aspect of our firm – from selection of personnel to construction administrative services – is strategically aligned to respond to the specific needs of our clients.

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    In the community

    At PBK Sports, we value the communities we live, work and serve in. Because of this, we make it our mission to be support and strengthen those around us through volunteering, donations and partnerships.

  • In the office

    Our office is designed to help you and the company succeed. From standing desks to a pool table, each aspect is designed with the accomplishments of our employees, and ultimately our clients, in mind.